How AirBnb house owners can use storage for their valuables

How AirBnb house owners can use storage for their valuables

So you want to jump on the technological band-wagon of the ever so popular and ever-growing company that is AirBnb. It’s a great idea if you’ve got a little extra space, however; it’s not as easy as handing the guests your keys and let the rest handle itself (unfortunately, no one has made an app for that yet!)  You need to carefully prepare your home in advance for paying short-term guests, many of whom will be expecting cleanliness and comfort standards on a par with those found in a hotel. This is where we come in!

Hi-Tech Self Storage, a place for you to store all your great grandmas vintage photos, knitted rugs and bits and bobs which you just don’t want others to touch, or maybe even see! Here is our go to tips on surviving and succeeding in the AirBnb game, with the help of storage, in particular Hi-Tech Self Storage.

  1. Clean your home! Any bits and bobs which are sentimental, valuable or maybe just in the way, Hi-Tech offers a safe and secure place for all your belongings. We offer 40 different sizes and 800 units, so please believe, we can store anything from photo books to cars if the garage is becoming your rental suite.
  2. Safeguard your valuables! The world wide web is a huge place and AirBnb attracts EVERYONE, many different people, size, shapes, countries. Making sure you valuables are safe and secure is absolutely vital. We can not recommend enough that you should take specific steps to make your valuables are inaccessible to guests. How can you do that you ask! HI-TECH SELF STORAGE! With each unit individually alarmed, a unique lock and pin number on access, and onsite caretakers, we’ve got your back when it security!

Make sure you give us a call and one of our friendly staff will take you through the process, step by step, making sure you get the most ‘Bang for your Buck.’

Give us a call, do it! Right now even, 5445 8666 or contact us here.


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