Essential Packing Materials for Moving and Storage

Moving is an exciting time for a family or individual, and as you relocate your belongings to start afresh in a new location don’t let the unpacking of damaged goods dampen the excitement! At Hi-Tech Self Storage, we have a range of quality packing materials that ensure that your move is as smooth as possible.

There are a few essential packing items that we highly recommend to all people planning a move from overseas, across the country, state or even to the next street.

  1. Boxes –
    Your absolute best friend during a move, boxes ensure items remain in categorised sections ready for dispatcher into various rooms of the new destination. It is important that you buy boxes that can withstand the pressures of moving, these boxes will be studier and easier to stack into your unit. Various sizes of boxes, with heavier items being placed into the smaller boxes will ensure that the boxes remain intact until, of course you open each one like Christmas gift, bursting with excitement to unpack into the new location.
  2. Labels –
    Staying organised is one of the key components to a successful move, thus, marker pens and labels will be your second best friend during a move. Labelling the top and sides of your boxes so the contents is easy visible will make the move that little bit easier.
  3. Padding –
    There are a variety of materials you can use to pack your belongings, and Hi-Tech Self Storage has your contents protection wrapped up! Wrapping delicate items in bubble wrap and packing paper for everyday dishes and kitchenware can ensure that your fragile items are kept safe, unbroken and unscratched.
  4. Tape –
    Not all types of tape are created equal when it comes to sealing boxes. Duct tape and masking tape can both peel off easily and don’t hold well with temperature variation. Choosing clear packing tape that’s at least 2 inches wide to seal your boxes will ensure that your boxes remain closed and secure. At Hi-Tech Self Storage we sell two types of packing tape, both are of high quality. Furthermore; a packing tape dispenser makes it quicker and easier to seal boxes.
  5. Packing Knife –
    Once you get your boxes packed you’ll eventually need to open them, don’t wear our your keys by using them to tear open the tape, using a utility knife or a box cutter will swiftly open boxes. Hi-Tech Self Storage has packing knifes that can assist you in packing and unpacking.

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