Questions to ask about Self Storage

‘Do first what you’re going to do last’

We’ve all heard the saying, we may have even witnessed first hand the tragic events that unfold when a cheaper, easier option comes available and your left saying ‘I should have, would have, could have done that differently.’ Asking questions helps us avoid these situations, and asking questions about self storage ensures all furniture, photos and bed linen makes it in and out in perfect condition.

So, here, are our questions to ask, and our answers that follow:

Storage Size; what size unit should I get?
Choosing a size can be somewhat deceptive as its difficult to image a whole house worth in tetris formation. The variety of sizes and the ease to change on move in day is vital as it means you wont be forking out for extra space that isn’t needed, month after month.
With 40 different sizes Hi-Tech Self Storage boasts the flexibility when moving in, allowing customers to chop and change as they feel fit.

Special Features; why should I choose you amongst the competition?
All self storage is not the same! The materials to build a facility, along with the waterproofing, drainage, ventilation, sun protection all vary and the security of your belongings is highly dependent on these factors. Furthermore, with climate control units and a free truck* allow for a  hassle free move.
At Hi-Tech we treat your belongings as our own, and ensure, that your goods are in a secure, waterproof space.

Security; how does your facility prevent criminal activity?
Hi-Tech takes a proactive approach in the prevention of criminal activity. Individually alarmed units, along with security cameras and onsite caretakers who have a watchful eye 24/7. Throughout almost 20 years of business, Hi-Tech has never had an issue with intruders or theft.

Safety; what steps do you take to keep my belongings in the best condition?
Security and the utmost quality of building materials of our facility ensure that your belongings are safe, secure, high and dry. Disappointed competitors customers often turn to Hi-Tech after dissatisfactory experiences of excess mould on furniture due to a lack in ventilation or insect issues, please, do first what you’re going to do last and trust Hi-Tech with the safety of your equipment, we ensure our facility and standards do not disappoint.

Cost; how much do I pay exactly for my unit each month?
At Hi-Tech we take the most ethical approach in business practises, and while competitors quote low, they may be subject to steep rent increases throughout the course of the agreement. With Hi-Tech, what you see is what you get, a clean, maintained, safe storage facility that ensures belongings security like it is our own.

Make Hi-Tech your last choice… the one that wont leave you saying you could have, should have, would have, the one that you’ll say, I did!


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