If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring!

Whilst you are in storage, it is the storers responsibility to make sure your belongings are covered by insurance. If you are currently insured, check with your underwriters that you are covered whilst you are in storage.


Lowest rates on the Sunshine Coast!

Due to Hi-Tech Self Storage high standard in construction and security, we have been able to negotiate an extremely competitive insurance rate with our underwriters. This competitive rate, we are pleased to hand onto our clients.

  • The rates are .75c per $1000 value per calendar month for upfront insurance.


What our insurance covers

Fire, Lightning, Impact, Explosions, Aircarft, Riots and Strikes, Malicious Damage, Storm and Tempest and/or Water Damage, Burglary that shall mean theft resulting from forcible entry.


It’s easy!

The paperwork can be done in the office at Hi-Tech Self Storage on move in day and the monthly insurance fee is added to your monthly account.

Do you have a self storage insurance question?

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