Four things you need to know when considering storage

When many people go on holidays, move house, or just wish to declutter they consider the option of storage. However, many do not know the difference between storage facilities and shipping containers, many believe that they are one of the same.
A purpose built Self Storage facility is designed to ensure good air-flow, ventilation and pest control measures. A quality Self Storage facility has high security with individually alarmed units and gate log access to keep your belongings safe while they are in storage. Without these key elements dampness, can seep into your prized possessions and furniture and create issues such as mound, damp smells and potential damage caused by rodents and other pests. Additionally, your goods are vulnerable to theft or damage if appropriate security measures are not in place.
Additionally, many Self Storage facilities offer insurance for your goods and has insurance for extreme weather events allowing you to rest easy and enjoy your holiday knowing that your possessions are safe and secure.


When Self Storage is required there are a number of key aspects that need to be considered before the search is started, these are:

  1. What your budget is, you should come into the process with an open mind and ensure that you speak to the staff to make sure that you feel comfortable with leaving your belongings with them, as often there is a small difference in price, but a large difference in quality.
  2. What you are wanting to store, many clients come into the process not knowing what they need to store, for this very reason they are often quoted for a much larger size than what is actually required. This large price is often outside of their budget and causes hesitation. To accurately know what you need and to better inform you, as a customer, use the space estimator tool to realise your cubic meter capacity of belongings.
  3. Ensure that your belongings are packed well, with quality removalist cartons. This will allow them to be stacked higher, thus reducing the amount of space required for storage.
  4. When you are deciding on storage an inspection to the facilities you are looking at is an important factor, as there are many different standards of quality throughout the industry.

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